Trains for Kids

Team Building for Charity

A better kind of team building. Your team will compete to build wooden train sets for kids that will then be donated to one of your favorite charities or one of the many we work with. Your group is sure to have fun while learning more about effective communication. In the event video above the train-building was combined with a DiSC Assessment to provide expanded learning.  This is optional.

How it Works:

Participants are separated into “companies” that will each build a high-quality wooden train set using some fun warm-up activities.

Each company will work together to form into departments such as manufacturing, engineering and inventory management.
They will then devise their strategy. Departments must work together through a series of team meetings and build periods to complete assembly of the product. During the build process, the inevitable team building business challenges will be introduced: change in staffing and assignments, new engineering requirements and marketing initiatives.


When the trains are finished our experienced facilitator will guide a learning debrief exercise that will be sure to provide insights and discussion that will help facilitate changes in your organization. We work with your planners in advance to make sure the learning insights are relevant to any opportunity or challenge your team may be currently experiencing.

Finally, watch your team feel great as a representative from your chosen charity takes possession of the finished train sets and tells a brief story about the wonderful work they are doing and who the train sets will be given to.

Time & people requirements:

Ideally, this team building needs a minimum of 12 people but the more the merrier! We can accommodate as many as you have and we’ve successfully accommodated 200 people. It can be adjusted to fit your available time but typically is accomplished in 1.5- 2 hours .

Have more time & want more learning?

Our team in Phoenix can lead a DISC Personality and communication workshop directly prior to the train building. Each of your staff will be given a pre-event DISC assessment and we will help them identify the common strengths and weaknesses of each style of communication. They will also be given tips on how to communicate with impact to people of different styles. When combined with the Train Building this is an even more powerful learning session. Please allow an additional 2 hours for the DISC workshop.

Some of the local Phoenix Arizona charities we donate to (click to visit):

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