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PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. With innovative selection and employee assessment tools, PXT Select empowers organizations to make smarter hiring decisions by providing them with actionable data about candidates.

PXT Select can help organizations:

  • Fill in the gaps between a resume and interview with actionable objective data

  • Identify the most suitable candidates, streamlining an effective hiring process

  • Match candidates with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities

  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize an individual’s contribution to an organization

  • Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement

Powered by the latest in assessment technology, PXT Select drives several follow-up reports. The data from the PXT Select suite of reports helps organizations effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop people they employ now and in the future.

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PXT Selection

The PXT Select will allow you to quickly determine if a person is a good match for the role you are hiring for. These reports can help you select sales, leadership, customer service, finance, operations or ANY type of position you have the need for. Never hire without this critical insight.


What is job fit?

It’s the degree of congruence between an individual’s strengths, needs, and wants in a particular work environment. Establishing job fit will help you to place individuals in positions they are most likely to be succesful in. Assesing for job fit reveals if a person CAN do a job, HOW they will do the job, and if they will ENJOY the job.


PXt leadership

Great leadership is the cornerstone of any great organization. When selecting new leaders, the PXT will give you insights into the 6 key leadership traits pictured on the left. For each, you’ll get your candidates potential strengths, weaknessed and the questions you should ask during your interview to dig deeper in any areas you are concerned about. Find your next great leader with the PXT Leadership assessment.

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